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RadioJonD 12-26-2007 11:25 AM

Archived Online Christmas Audio
Are you depressed because your "Official Holiday Station" pulled the plug on the music you so much crave? Are you wondering why it all has to come to an screecing hault after only two months of constant tinsel tunes? Are you tired of the naysayers that berate the fact that Christmas radio starts too early each year? Well, cheer up Bunky; We've got the medicine that'll cure your Yuletune Blues in the space of a download!

The purpose of this thread is to gather as many sources of Yule Audio as possible. Hopefully there will be enough material for at least one site now and again until Christmas rolls around!

Merry Christmas Radio, an affiliate of the MMC Network, seeks to be the clearinghouse for internet stations offering Christmas content all year. Check it out at & If you know of a station that needs to be added, please let us know there!

Merry Christmas Radio and the other internet stations listed are a perfect source for background music in your home. Maybe you even have an internet radio hooked through your stereo system so you can tune in while going about your daily activity! What better way to keep the Christmas Spirit all year round in your home?

Here, however, we will concentrate on places where one can visit to download Chirstmas audio content to take on the road! Whether you download into an MP3 player or to a hard drive to burn CDs, this thread will berak the tether to your home computer.

As is the nature of the internet, many of these links will "break" overtime and vanish, often without warning. Likewise, some will be offered for a limited time. That's why you should download and save as soon as the sources are shared.

Your technical questions on how to save and download, etc. are welcomed as well. The biggest thing you need to know is "right click and save as."

So, boys and girls, clear some hard drive/MP3 space, create a folder(s) and get ready to share what you find! From a full podcast to a site offering a single download, post it! And you don't have to wait for the first of the week as the thread name implies! Share 'em as you find 'em!

For an idea of what to expect, head over to - Many of those will find their way here over the next few months!

RadioJonD 12-26-2007 11:54 AM

Limited Time Offers!
Here are three limited time offers to visit right away!

My friend Rob, a.k.a. Captain OT, keeps a Yuleblog all year. His generosity in sharing out of print Christmas vinyl knows no equal. I'll let you read his blog for more as to why, but all of his download links will expire on January 2, 2008 There is a ton of stuff here so grab it now! - is always active during the season and for Christmas in July. Members, such as the afore mentioned Captain OT, rip and share vinyl by the crate full! The cornerstone of all this is the annual ADVENTure in Carols share by site host, Brad, a.k.a. The King of Jingaling. Right now you will find the 2007 offering as well as links to the three previous years. These include very nice artwork for CD case insert labels! Don't forget to explore the links to get ahead in this thread!

The Bone Conduction Music Show - Christmas Extravaganza 2007 is availabe for download. It will remain up until it rotates off the archive page.
Host Thayrone urges us to record the show and play it poolside in the Summer! You'll find it in four one hour segments. -
Don't forget to scroll down for the two hour version of the Christmas show as well. In addition, all the shows in December have Christmas content. Might as well get them too!

RadioJonD 12-26-2007 03:00 PM

Copyright Issues!
A word about copyrights before we officially get started.

The podcasters/broadcasters/webmasters of these linked sites have (hopefully) complied with copyright laws as they apply to music. Some hold higher standards than others and MMC can not vouch for the content of any link. If you should learn of copyright infringement on any site shared in this thread, please contact me or any of the staff.

Thus, we do not encourage the open sharing of one’s personal music collection. If you are a member of a music sharing community, please consider the rights of the artists and their respective representatives. Do not post links to sites or personal collections that do not pay royalties! These links will be removed!

Once again, the primary focus here is to link to unique out of print music sharing sites or broadcast “air checks”. Should you desire to track down a particular tune or CD to add to your collection, contact us. We will help you find what you are looking for so that you may legitimately purchase it. This method ensures that you will get the best sound quality available and will have supported the artist that created the work, a win-win situation!

mammaduke 12-26-2007 03:28 PM

Thanks Jon for letting us know where we can hear Christmas music. I love all that music & can listen to it all year long.

whychristmas 12-27-2007 03:10 AM

My ipod is getting rather full of Christmas Music now -yayyyyyyyy!

Thanks for sharing these Jon, such good stuff.

RadioJonD 01-02-2008 10:42 AM

Cheeze Pleeze!
I hope that many of you took advantage of the plethora of out of print Christmas offerings by Captain OT! You certainly missed out if you didn't! Wonder how many times we'll here "Where can I find...?" this year? It was probably on Rob's site at one time!

For the first partial week of 2008, here is another limited time download source.

Join hosts Snarfdude and Daffodil as they bring you a Cheeze Pleeze Christmas via podcast.

2007 Christmas Show MP3's are labeled:

SHOW 178 Christmas 2007-Pt 1
SHOW 179 Christmas 2007-Pt 2
SHOW 180 Christmas 2007-Pt 3
SHOW 181 Christmas 2007-Pt 4

As with the Bone Conduction Music Show above (you've got about three weeks left, hurry!), these shows will rotate off the archive. Get 'em now!

Please, if you listen to and/or download any of these sources, leave a note here or e-mail/pm me. If there is little or no interest, I may let this thread fade off into the Yuletide sunset.

I really would like your additions too so that I can add more music to my collection!

JayIsh 01-02-2008 11:27 AM

Three cheers for big Jon for keeping us from gonig into withdrawals as our Christmas music fades away!!! I got an ipod for Christmas, my first one, so I'll be trying to fill that baby up...I can see already that I'm going to need more memory on the old home PC...These hobbies get so expensive...But hey...I don't play golf, drink, gamble, carouse, or any other money spending activity so...For me, It's open season when it comes to music!!! And concerts...And books, CD's, DVD's, and ...

AuntieMistletoeDear 01-02-2008 06:20 PM

cheesy I just got my MP3 player up and running over the last few days and of course I'm paying for the music through iTunes.

My husband came into check on how things were going and said, "what? Chrsitmas songs?"

Yip. I download some of my favourites - of course I have several of them on one or more CD's so it didn't really make sense, but I had to have them.

:cry: I'll keep my eyes open for festive (legit) links for y'all. Thanks, RJD.

RadioJonD 01-07-2008 11:57 AM

Mining some more Vinyl!
Kiddie records spent three years ripping old children’s recordings from 78rpm records. Each week from 2005 to 2007 a “new” old record was posted complete with cover scans.

Not surprisingly, weeks 48 thru 51 each year contained Christmas releases.

Each link contains the cover scans, download, and a description

Week 48- Why The Chimes Rang -
Week 49- Christmas Party with “Two Ton” Baker -
Week 50- Howdy Doody’s Christmas Party -
Week 51- This Is Christmas: The Legend of the Christmas Tree & Tale of a Christmas Stocking -

Week 50 - The Nutcracker Suit for Children -
Week 51 - The Story of the Nativity (Gene Autry) -

Week 48- Assorted Holiday Singles -
Week 49- Assorted Holiday Singles -
Week 50 - Assorted Holiday Singles -
Week 51- A Christmas Carol (Basil Rathbone) -

To see all the records by year, click on a year from the front page -

Now you know where I got the idea for this thread!

AuntieMistletoeDear 01-07-2008 12:08 PM

cheesy I love that place. I think it was 2004 0r 2005 when I first stumbled across it.

Some of the covers I recognize in his vast collection.

I still have quite a few children's story records tucked away. I don't remember any of them being Christmas ones though.

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