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2009 Christmas/Holiday Radio Programming & Schedules

WOW! This thread hasn’t started this early before! Let’s kick it off for July’s Rudolph Day & in Christmas In July style, shall we?!

The usual:

Like its annual Christmas TV counterpart thread, this Radio version will keep track of stations airing seasonal programming.

Many commercial broadcast stations will become “Your Official Holiday/Christmas Station” in November. Last year (2008), WMVN (101.1) in St. Louis, Missouri was the first going all Christmas on October 10. (This was for a format change so don’t look for it as early, if at all, this year.)

Likewise, many Public Radio Stations will air special programming for the entire holiday season, starting with Halloween and Thanksgiving themes. Personally, I like these type programs because they explore music other than the top 100 or so Christmas tunes that commercial broadcast radio wear out every year.

As you learn of stations making the switch to all Christmas, post ‘em here. List the station call sign, frequency and city. Also be sure to include a station link, especially if they stream their audio online! Here are a couple of starting places that list as many all Christmas stations as they can: (includes broadcast and online stations)

Sirius XM and their associated Satellite TV channels should be included here too!

I’m hopeful that someone in the UK will research and post all Christmas radio/audio related content with station links so that we may partake! I still haven’t developed a method for researching sites such as BBC Radio.

We always invite people from all countries to share your stations as well!

As always, I reserve the right to quote anyone starting another thread or posting anywhere else about their station(s) “going all Christmas” here in this thread. In their initial excitement, some folks will overlook this thread!

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