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This is my first time back here since Xmas week of 09.
I believe I usually wait for the Canadian Turkey weekend before I start and not Labour day weekend, as this is quite early for me to start thinking about Xmas music, however, the fact that we've hit Sept already does re-affirm that Xmas season is not too far down the road.

I enjoy looking out for radio stations that start to advertise dates as to when they start playing Xmas music.

I hope to be able to contribute once again this year.



Originally Posted by RadioJonD View Post
I intended to update this thread each Friday until the 2010 season kicked in much like I did in 2009. Either there just isn't as much information available this early or my enthusiasm is waning. Perhaps it's a little of both, eh? Seems as we are way behind from this time last year.

Feel free to help me dig! Just remember that we aren't looking for internet Christmas stations (as in the previous post), only over the air or satellite radio stations. However, we do include audio sources that broadcast in stores during the season.

Happy Hunting!
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