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Of the thirty-six posters in the 2009 Schedule thread, only twelve can now access this area of MMC. Of the twelve, only three posted more than once in the thread. I know that folks from other forums came over here for a look as well. Iím sure none of them can now see this.

Iíve always wished for more participation and contributions in locating and posting schedules and listen links to unique Christmas radio programming. Those of you that know me well recognize the OCD that comes over me in developing a personal listening and recording schedule. Iíve always hoped to find someone with which to trade ďair checksĒ but havenít.

Also, part of the enjoyment of these annual threads is using the ďwhoís on lineĒ feature to see guests looking at the threads. Of particular satisfaction is seeing guest IP addresses from the very stations I listed! I caught at least three last year with one being a regular! As I understand, guests wonít be able to look in anymore.

Everyone able to contribute this year is very much encouraged! Check for your local commercial station by listening and/or clicking on this link. However, I am really most interested in unique public radio programming and hope that you will check local stations for their schedules and report in here!

As always, I look forward to seeing what I miss. However, without mass appeal most of the luster for me is dissipated. Iíll post Alabama Public Radioís and other selected other public radio station schedules when they become available and I find them. Again, feel free to beat me to the post! Radio schedules arenít ever in any kind of guide like TV programs. Thatís why I issue the yearly request.

Iíll also post when my top five or so favorite radio shows will air their seasonal shows.

As for commercial stations that make the 100000 watts list, Iíll leave that for others. There will be plenty of stand alone threads for these too. Plus I expect there will be a lot in the free forums this year.
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