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Custom Channels...again

As I point out every year, a company called Custom Channels offers programming carried by many commercial radio stations across the county. Custom Channels offer programs in about nine different formats. According to their website, one can mix and match from over one thousands songs. Of course when you divide that by genre and add the “must haves” for all formats, that doesn’t leave many individual tunes per station to run between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It gets old fast! I would wager that once you have listened to your station three days in a row, you’ve heard the complete rotation.

One can get the same cookie cutter bland sameness all across North America! People will actually go nuts when their “local” stations flip to this type programming. Even the Custom Channels web page designs all look the same! You should demand better! But then again, hardly any station is truly local anymore and no one knows the difference.

It gets worse, this year Custom Channels is offering apps for cellular smart phones. The cost is only about seven hundred to on thousand bucks more! Yeah.
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