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santahat Cranberry and the Health Benefits

Those bright red berries traditionally served as sauce, relish, or in stuffing’s, also carry health benefits.

The most well known health benefit of cranberry is for urinary problems.

Science has discovered that they carry a combination of five types of antioxidants. Cranberry also contains three special phytonutrients, thus when combined with the antioxidants, the berry provides many benefits.

Emerging data suggests the berry may benefit:

Dental Health, by helping reduce harmful plaque that leads to gum disease

Cardiovascular Health, by supporting the reduction of LDL cholesterol levels and raising levels of HDL cholesterol in the blood, help to reduce blood pressure, and prevent the formation of blood clots.

Anti Cancer, Science has determined that compounds in the fruit can inhibit the formation of cancer cells.

It is most important to eat the berry and not just drink the juice. The whole fruit shows the most benefit.

Quick simple relish

3 red delicious apples
3 ripe bananas
1 bag fresh/frozen cranberries (if frozen - do not thaw before processing)
Optional: sweetener to taste

Fork-mash bananas and set aside.
Wash and cut apples into chunks. In a food processor or blender, pulse-blend apples and cranberries one handful at a time making sure to keep the fruit slightly chunky. Scoop out mixture as necessary.
Mix ingredients together. Best when chilled

As for any specific health concerns or benefits, do your research and consult a health professional.

Goodnight Louann

My Christmas Friend
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