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Thanks, momnan30. I hope I'm not giving the wrong impression. I'm doing fine with it all. I just find eating healthy while being active to be more work than I anticipated and in the effort to not eat wrong I find myself not eating at all some days. I know that's not right.

I'm a bit disappointed that I'm not feeling this great dynamic change. Not that I was feeling that bad before, honestly. But I thought by working on improving my diet, sleeping with more regularity (I'm getting 6.5 hours a night now, up from the 4 to 5 I was getting before) and exercising that I would feel much better than I do. But I find my energy levels still taxed especially in the heat.

I'm not turing back though. Starting this during the summer, for whatever reason, is easier. I find fall and winter foods to be my comfort foods and likely my "worst" time of the year. So if there's a relapse coming that's when it will happen.

When I was younger I could lose weight by just thinking about it. Not quite the case these days!
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