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When it comes to food and eating, I'm not a patient person. Between a full time job and MMC, I work easily 15-18 hours a day and other than dinner time with my family -- which I know my wife makes balanced and healthy -- eating is a real burden for me.

I have an allergy to tomatoes -- a mild one -- and eating them fresh is really an issue. Cooked, not so much. Most salads "out there" tend to focus on lettuce, tomatoes and carrots. I don't care much for beans on my salad, though I do love beans. Nuts are more of my topping of choice, sunflower seeds mostly or pumpkin seeds. But finding a salad I like that doesn't have the fresh tomatoes and DOES have what I want without all the dressing slopped on it is really a tough thing to find.

So far, my best lunches come from a quick trip to the grocery store to grab something from the produce department.

I'm really missing fresh sandwiches, which I can no longer have due to the gout. Deli meats are high in whatever they call that stuff that gives you gout....
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