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Originally Posted by Christmas-A-Holic View Post
...Born about 5 years ago over at, he came about as part of the long-running interplay between Binger and myself in regards to coffee vs sleep...
Originally Posted by Christmas-A-Holic View Post
...Bear in mind that Carl, the 'Pines and fired twinkies all came about in simpler, less crowded and less complicated times when we were few, everybody knew everybody and what was going on with all the in-jokes...
As good a case of nutshelling as I've ever seen, Christmas-A-Holic!

As stated the earliest iterations of this continuing and ever building saga and Binger's Operas were housed in two former Christmas forums.

The first of these (going back an estimated ten to twelve years now) was lost due to a business transaction. Only archived fragments remain. Sadly, nothing is left of the other one after it was burned to the ground by a wreckless owner. Most of us managed to get out and land here and/or Christmas Talk.

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