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OTR: Those Were the Days – WDCB 90.9 FM – Chicago, IL USA

Those Were the Days – WDCB 90.9 FM – Chicago, IL USA

From the webpage:

Tune in to our weekly program of vintage radio shows, with producer/host Steve Darnall, broadcast live every Saturday from 1 to 5 pm (Central time) on WDCB 90.9 FM in the Chicago area and on the Internet at

Each Saturday's program is available on demand for one week beginning the following Tuesday, at approximately 12 am Greenwich Mean Time. See schedule below.


CINNAMON BEAR PREVIEW (1937) A promotional recording intended to persuade stations and sponsors to support the proposed Christmas season radio series for young audiences. Announcer John Hiestand introduces producer Lindsay MacHarrie, who tells how the series was developed. (16 min) This year, 2012, marks the 75th anniversary of the debut of this beloved radio series.

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 1. Judy and Jimmy Barton discover that the silver star for the top of the Christmas tree is missing. While searching for the ornament in their attic, they meet Paddy O’Cinnamon. (13 min)

RED SKELTON SHOW (4-15-47) With Rod O’Connor, singer Anita Ellis, David Forrester and the orchestra. In “Boyfriends and Piggy Banks,” Junior, the Mean Little Kid, panhandles his Aunt’s boyfriend for change. Raleigh Cigarettes, NBC. (27 min)

THE SHADOW (3-19-39) “Can the Dead Talk?” stars William Johnstone as Lamont Cranston, with Agnes Moorehead as the lovely Margot Lane. Lamont and Margot attend a performance by a “mentalist,” who stuns the audience by announcing that he knows the true identity of the Shadow! Ken Roberts announces. Blue Coal, MBS. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 2. Jimmy and Judy de-grow and take a glass airplane to Maybe Land in pursuit of the silver star. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 3. The airplane lands in the Looking Glass Valley. (13 min)

KRAFT MUSIC HALL (2-12-48) Al Jolson stars, with Oscar Levant, announcer Ken Carpenter, Lou Bring and the orchestra and guest Charles Laughton. Al sings “For Me and My Gal,” “Pretty Baby” and “Memories”; Laughton compares his acting style with Jolson’s. Kraft Foods, NBC. (30 min)

SCREEN DIRECTORS’ PLAYHOUSE (4-17-49) “The Best Years of Our Lives” starring Dana Andrews with Janet Waldo in a radio version of the award-winning 1946 film, about a group of men returning home from World War II and trying to readjust to civilian life. Sustaining, NBC. (29 min)


ROMA WINES SHOW (11-18-43) A variety show starring Mary Astor, Charlie Ruggles, and Mischa Auer, with the Pied Pipers, Lud Gluskin and the orchestra, Frank Nelson, Bea Benaderet. Charlie writes a play for Thanksgiving, while Mischa recalls his pursuit of exotic animals. Roma Wines, CBS. (30 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 4. Captured by the Inkaboos! (13 min)

CAVALCADE OF AMERICA (11-24-47) “Us Pilgrims” starring George Tobias in a lighthearted story of “an immigrant’s idea of a first Thanksgiving.” Cast includes Mercedes McCambridge, Ralph Bell. Dupont, NBC. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 5. The Crazy Quilt Dragon to the rescue! (13 min)
GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (11-21-51) Willard Waterman stars as Gildy, with Lillian Randolph as Birdie, Walter Tetley as Leroy, Mary Lee Robb as Marjorie, Earle Ross as Judge Hooker, Dick LeGrand as Mr. Peavey, Gale Gordon as Mr. Bullard. Birdie is cooking a 24-pound turkey for Thanksgiving and Gildy is hoping to round up some guests to share the repast. Kraft, NBC. (30 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 6. Our heroes meet Wesley the Wailing Whale and Samuel the Seal. (13 min)

WE THE PEOPLE (11-23-48) Dale Carnegie hosts this Thanksgiving week broadcast, with actress Lili Palmer, Betty MacDonald, singer Burl Ives, Oscar Bradley and the orchestra. Announcers are Dwight Weist and Dan Seymour. Gulf Oil, CBS. (28 min)


FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY (12-19-39) Jim and Marian Jordan star, with Bill Thompson, Isabel Randolph, Harold Peary, announcer Harlow Wilcox, singer Jimmy Shields. The McGees receive a package from Fibber’s Uncle Sycamore. Johnson’s Wax, NBC. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 7. Mr. Presto, the magician. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 8. Riding with Captain Taffy and the Candy Pirates. (13 min)

CRESTA BLANCA PLAYERS (12-25-46) “All Through the House” a new radio play by Russell Hughes, starring Joseph Cotten, John Garfield, Gene Kelly, Gregory Peck, and guest Janet Leigh. Three brothers resent the fact that they are forced to entertain their young niece for the holidays. Cresta Blanca Wines, CBS. (28 min)

YOURS TRULY, JOHNNY DOLLAR (12-23-56) “The Missing Mouse Matter” stars Bob Bailey as the man with the action-packed expense account. At Christmas time, Johnny changes his holiday plans to investigate the disappearance of a performing mouse. Cast includes Mary Jane Croft, Howard McNear, Parley Baer, Lawrence Dobkin, Richard Beals. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 9. The Roly Poly Policeman. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 10. Professor Whiz the Owl and Fraidy Cat the kitten. (13 min)

RAILROAD HOUR (12-15-52) “Holiday Inn” starring Gordon MacRae and guest Dorothy Warenskjold in a radio adaptation of the 1942 film, with music by Irving Berlin. Songs include “White Christmas,” Happy Holidays,” and “Be Careful, It’s My Heart.” Cast includes Olan Soule, Bill Johnstone. Marvin Miller announces. Association of American Railroads, NBC. (29 min)


IT’S TIME TO SMILE (12-23-42) Eddie Cantor stars, with Harry von Zell, Dinah Shore, Bert Gordon, Cookie Fairchild and the orchestra, and guests Ida Lupino and Hanley Stafford. Eddie jokes about Christmas in Hollywood and recalls taking elocution lessons from Stafford in preparation for Ida’s visit. Bristol-Myers, NBC. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 11. Fee Fo, the Friendly Giant. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 12. Paddy O’Cinnamon meets the Rhyming Rabbit and gets stung by a bumblebee! (13 min)

CHALLENGE OF THE YUKON (12-18-45) “Christmas Present” stars Paul Sutton as Sgt. Preston. At Christmas time, a fur trapper and his family lose their house in a fire and receive help from an unlikely source. Syndicated, WXYZ. (14 min)

LINIT BATH CLUB REVUE (12-25-32) Fred Allen stars, with Portland Hoffa, Roy Atwell, announcer Ken Roberts. A visit to the Mammoth Department Store at Christmas time. Linit Products, CBS. (29 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 13. Judy, Jimmy, Paddy O’Cinnamon and the Crazy Quilt Dragon go through the picture frame and encounter the Wintergreen Witch. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 14. An audience with Queen Melissa of Maybe Land. (13 min)

VOYAGE OF THE SCARLET QUEEN (12-24-47) “The Fifteenth Lama and The Wise Guy From The East,” stars Elliott Lewis as Capt. Philip Carney, with Ed Max as Gallagher. The crew’s Christmas celebration is interrupted by the presence of a mother and her highly sought-after child. Cast includes William Conrad, Junius Matthews. AFRTS rebroadcast. (28 min)


GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (12-10-47) Harold Peary stars as Gildy, with Walter Tetley, Lillian Randolph, Louise Erickson, Richard LeGrand, Earle Ross. Gildy heads to the department store to do his Christmas shopping “early.” Kraft Foods, NBC. (31 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 15. While trying to read a special message, our heroes encounter Snapper Snick, the Crocodile. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 16. Oliver the Ostrich. (13 min)
THE SAINT (12-24-50) Vincent Price stars as Simon Templar, who must change his Christmas Eve plans when a beautiful woman carrying a gun shows up at his apartment. With Lawrence Dobkin, Mary Shipp, Hy Averback, Betty Lou Gerson, Ted Osborne, Stanley Ferrar. Sustaining, NBC. (30 min)

CHRISTMAS SEALS CAMPAIGN (1948) Jack Carson and Eve Arden star, as Jack tries to convince Eve that there really is a Santa Claus! Edmund Gwenn appears as Santa. Syndicated. (15 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 17. The mud-slinging Muddlers. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 18. Slim Pickens and the Cockleburr Cowboys. (13 min)

GUNSMOKE (12-20-52) William Conrad stars as Marshal Matt Dillon, with Parley Baer as Chester, Georgia Ellis as Kitty, Howard McNear as Doc. On his way back home, Matt tells a stranger about the Christmas celebrations in Dodge City. With Lawrence Dobkin, John Dehner, Ralph Moody. Sustaining, CBS. (29 min)


CRICKET ON THE HEARTH (12-24-45) Charles Dickens’ other Christmas story, narrated by Everett Clarke, with Joseph Gallicchio and the NBC Chicago Orchestra. It looks like a dismal Christmas for poor toymaker Caleb Plummer and his blind daughter Mary when Caleb’s stern employer denies him an advance on his salary. Sustaining, NBC. (25 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 19. Our heroes go to the Golden Grove and the Wintergreen Witch returns! (13 min)

JACK BENNY PROGRAM (12-19-48) Jack goes Christmas shopping and decides to buy a wallet for Don Wilson. With Mary Livingstone, Phil Harris, Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, Dennis Day, Frank Nelson, Elliott Lewis, Artie Auerbach, the Sportsmen, and — of course — Mel Blanc as the sales clerk. Lucky Strike Cigarettes, CBS. (27 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 20. Queen Melissa’s Grand Wunky takes the Wintergreen Witch into exile in Looking Glass Valley. (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 21. In the Land of Ice and Snow! (13 min)

FAMILY THEATRE (12-15-48) “A Daddy For Christmas” starring Pat O’Brien, Bobby Driscoll, and Linda Johnson. A boy whose father didn’t come back from the War asks a department store Santa Claus for a bicycle... and a Daddy. Shirley Temple hosts. Sustaining, MBS. (24 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 22. Meeting Jack Frost. (13 min)

TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES (12-20-47) Ralph Edwards hosts this holiday edition of the popular game show. In the second half of the show, a hospitalized World War II veteran is taken on a “magic carpet ride” to his hometown in Tennessee. Duz, NBC. (29 min)


BING CROSBY SHOW (12-20-50) For this Christmas show, Bing is joined by his wife Dixie Lee Crosby and their four sons: Gary, Lindsay, Philip and Dennis. Bing sings “Adeste Fidelis” and decides to dress as Santa for the boys. Ken Carpenter announces. Chesterfield, CBS. (28 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 23. Paddy O’Cinnamon gets stuck in a pile of Christmas stickers. (13 min)

READERS’ DIGEST RADIO EDITION (12-18-47) “Song From Heaven,” starring Raymond Massey. The story of how “Silent Night” was written and spread throughout the world. Tom Shirley hosts. Hallmark Cards, CBS. (30 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 24. Judy, Jimmy and Paddy O’Cinnamon attend the Christmas Tree Parade. (13 min)

DUFFY’S TAVERN (12-22-48) Ed Gardner stars as Archie the Manager, with Eddie Green, Florence Halop as Miss Duffy, Charlie Cantor as Clifton Finnegan. Archie is upset about not getting a Christmas gift from Duffy when a stranger (Jeff Chandler) comes by the tavern. Bristol Myers, NBC. (30 min)
CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 25. Captain Tin Top has returned the Silver Star, only for the Crazy Quilt dragon to steal it! (13 min)

CINNAMON BEAR (1937) Chapter 26. The final chapter of the adventure. Will Judy and Jimmy finally get the Silver Star back for their Christmas tree? (13 min)

SUSPENSE (12-21-53) “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” starring Greer Garson, with Anne Whitfield, Howard McNear, Herb Butterfield, Joseph Kearns, Sidney Miller, Irene Tedrow, Harry Bartell. A young girl waits for her parents to return home on Christmas Eve, but the plane carrying them is missing! Harlow Wilcox announces. Auto-Lite, CBS. (28 min)


LIFE OF RILEY (12-28-46) William Bendix stars as Chester Riley, with Paula Winslowe as Peg, Barbara Eiler as Babs, Tommy Cook as Junior, John Brown as Digby O’Dell. After Riley interferes with Babs’ plans for New Year’s Eve, he decides to make up for it by getting her a date. Cast includes Sam Edwards, Herb Vigran. Teel, NBC. (31 min)

ADVENTURES OF PHILIP MARLOWE (12-26-48) “The Old Acquaintance” stars Gerald Mohr as Marlowe, who is hired on New Year’s Eve to find a woman who has disappeared on her wedding day. Sustaining, CBS. (30 min)

SWING AROUND THE CLOCK (12-31-44) Don Wilson hosts this New Year’s Eve dance party, featuring performances from Jimmy Dorsey, Ella Mae Morse, Louis Jordan and his Tympani Five, Harry James, Kay Kyser, Lena Horne, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby, Ginny Simms, Woody Herman, Tommy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Johnny Mercer and the Pied Pipers, Vaughn Monroe, GI Jill (Martha Wilkerson), Maj. Meredith Willson and the AFRS Orchestra, Spike Jones, and Count Basie. AFRS. (14 min & 15 min & 15 min & 16 min)
GUEST STAR (1940s) “Time Is Sacred” starring Joan Leslie and Barton Yarborough. A man and woman are stuck in an elevator on New Years’ Eve. Jess Barker hosts. U.S. Treasury Department, Syndicated. (14 min)

FATHER KNOWS BEST (12-31-53) Robert Young stars as Jim Anderson, with Jean Vanderpyl as Margaret, Rhoda Williams, Bud Donaldson, Helen Strome, Gil Stratton Jr. The Andersons are all making plans to go out on New Year’s Eve, but things start to go awry when Cathy’s plans are cancelled. Bill Forman announces.

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