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What I really excel at is lots of smaller gifts that are really cool and cheap that I add to the rest of their gifts. Stuff they would never buy but that adds to the fun. For example: I asked my brother what he wanted and he jokingly said "Ghost Buster figures." as if he were 10 again. Well, I tracked some down for cheap. I also got him a ventriloquist dummy head in a box (gag gift - who isn't frightened by that?!), Pillsbury doughboy underwear that say "Poppin' Fresh" and a pocket book of ancient Rome that is of the style one would use if travelling to a new vacation spot. These were just some extras that I only spent about $15 on.

I think it's the small stuff that really adds charm and fun and memories to the giving and makes people think they got alot of stuff.

Our Christmas mornings (there are 9 of us (including a 3 year old)) takes bout 3 - 4 hours to open everything. We take our time and drink wine and eat etc.
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