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Originally Posted by xmastidings View Post
As Christmas quickly approaches, for some reason, new inside and outside decorations somehow (miraculously appear; every single year - at least that's what I tell the

So, in order to keep things straight, I purchased alot of totes from Lowes, (Red for Christmas inside, Green for Christmas outside, Black for Halloween and blue for Easter). I keep all of those up in the attic (where it's getting full) along with all the indoor Christmas trees and their decorations as well...

The big stuff such as blow molds, animated reindeer, outdoor christmas trees and such, are all kept in the garage along with all the big Halloween decorations... Now to top that off, I have 5 large totes of electrical cords, timers and outlets, and I have an old dresser, that I converted into misc storage to just hold all kinds of support stuff like replacement lights, anchors, touch up paint, twist ties, light checkers, etc....

It's not just a job, It's an adventure....

lol I love your attitude
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