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Originally Posted by XmasDreams View Post
Always thought it came out in August, but i could be wrong.

well here is an edit to what i said.....

This year the McDonald’s Monopoly game will be starting a whopping two months earlier than last year. This year’s game started on July 16th and will run until August 12th. I don’t know why they started the game so early but it likely messed up preparations for so many Monopoly fans. (The last few years, the game started in September)
As we’ve done every year, we go over the rules and regulations to put together this guide to winning the McDonald’s Monopoly game. As is the case every year, it depends mostly on luck but with our guide you can have a better informed gaming experience. As was the case last year, the prize pool is bigger with two Boardwalk pieces, and McDonald’s is more transparent with the odds by publishing the probability you get every piece (even the common ones).
What website was that from? And yes, in retrospect, I guess it usually starts in September (late September, I think), I guess I'm just use to playing the game throughout the whole month of October...I really think it ended in early November last year...and maybe in late October the year before that. So c'mon, let's face it, it's supposed to be a Fall activity!

And yes, it did take me by surprise, and I'm not prepared...I don't even have my fall decorations out yet!
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