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Originally Posted by kizzy View Post
Those are the Times I feel rubbish too. We finally got the treadmill delivered today, it's great but big clumpy and heavy we are having to rearrange the kitchen to get it in but that's ok. Bad bit is that I have a trapped nerve which I've just exacerbated so having to sit out the rest of the kitchen rejig. I 've had a little go on it though it has a weight loss program so I think that'll be me. My first goal. No scales or tape measures for me yet. I want to concentrate on getting the exercise habits right. The first week I want to do 3 30 min sessions.
Good luck Kizzy. Now it is warmer and lighter here in the mornings my husband and I have been walking together. It's a good motivater...if I don't really feel like it he shames me in to it and then I can do the same to him! I hope your nerve problem gets better soon.
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