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Snowflake Good for you!

I understand your struggle, not because I have one, but
when I looked after my aunt for a few years, she suffered from obesity, which brought on diabetes, which caused her to suffer a stroke, and mild heart attack. I started her on a diet and that very same "walking exercise" program from Leslie!
She started to lose weight, and lost 50 lbs in 6months!
I was very happy for her, but she had other financial problems, and due to that, we parted ways. She ended up moving back to Pennsylvania and gained the weight and more back. She ended up weighing about 300 lbs before her passing.
I am the only one in my family who has never been overweight and I am a chef in a private home, and love to bake goodies, and I love carbs! But I also look after a 4 storey home, and also try to keep to my exercise regime, I hate it when I gain 5 lbs......LOL!
So YOU keep on going girl, half the battle is the desire to do something about it!
Unfortunately my aunt had no real desire, she was basicly a lazy woman, and it cost her, and me, because she paid with her life, and I lost an aunt that I loved dearly.
All the best, I'll be hoping for you!


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