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Jon Solomon 2013, WPRB 103.3 - Princeton, New Jersey USA & Online

Right on the heels of Drake, John Solomon has announced the twenty-fifth iteration of his marathon holiday show! However, this year the show won't be twenty-four hours long. This year Jon's show will be a twenty-five hour marathon! That's twenty-five hours on the occasion of twenty-fives years if you're keeping score at home!

Speaking of 'Keeping Score at Home', that's where you'll find the reindeer poop on this year's show which will again include a live chat and webcam.

For the third year, Solomon is putting out the Public Call for Christmas Stories. He will be playing these throughout the marathon.

Oh!, and don't forget to RSVP on FaceBook!

(All the links for WPRB, chat room, and webcam are at Jon's site and FaceBook.)

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