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Know someone with Breast Cancer? Download the "Pink Christmas" MP3 or Purchase the CD

How to talk about Breast Cancer this Christmas

It may seem at first like just another Christmas song, but “Pink Christmas” is so much more than that. Everybody reacts differently when diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Some are able to open up about the disease and share freely with friends and family, both triumph and tragedy. Others are not so forthcoming and immediately close down. They become completely unapproachable on the subject and refuse to discuss the matter with the people around them. This can be agony for friends and family who only want to help, and share in their loved ones ordeal. But out of respect, they honor the request and stay silent.

"...that CD needs to come with a warning label! I put on some headphones to listen in class and started crying my eyes out uncontrollably in public!" Lisa C.

This is where “Pink Christmas” can help. The simple act of giving them a copy of the CD, watching the video together, or listening to the song with your loved one can speak volumes when no words are spoken. Much the same as the perfect card can do the talking for you, “Pink Christmas” can lead to an open and honest discussion, or can at least allow everyone to acknowledge the Breast Cancer, and show some support from loved ones.

"...I particularly enjoyed...Pink Christmas!" Howard S.

If you’d like to do more for your loved one, the lyrics, sheet music and accompaniment tracks are all available to download for free by clicking on the “Free Stuff!” button at our web site . It’s very easy to make a simple home video of you singing the song, and we’d love to have you send us a copy for our Pink Christmas channel on YouTube. Let us help you and your family talk about Breast Cancer this Christmas by sharing “Pink Christmas” with them. You’ll be glad that you did.

"...very classy...!" Alex F.

"...a beautiful Christmas ballad...will no doubt move you to tears." Jeff W.

Geoff Szabo
Szabo Songs™ ASCAP

The "Pink Christmas" CD is available for $12.95 at:

The "Pink Christmas" Album MP3 is available for $10.95 at:

"Pink Christmas" is also available at and iTunes

Click on the link below to listen to "Pink Christmas" on YouTube.

Some other songs from "Pink Christmas" can be heard on YouTube at the following links:

"Beneath The Star" -
"O Holy Night" -
"In Memoriam" -
"Hark The Herald Angels Sing" -
"The Roman" -
"Prayer For The Weak & The Lonely" -
Listen to the music video of "Pink Christmas - Breast Cancer" at:

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