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Why Fidelity

Still available for a couple of weeks yet is the BCMS four hour Christmas Extravaganza (link above). The two hour version is only one week from disappearing. Hurry!

FaLaLaLaLa ADVENTure in Carols 2004 thu 2007 are still available (link above).

This week's addition:

Why Fedelity is a podcast with constant show updates. Pretty much all content between Thanksgiving and New Years is Christmas.

View playlists/downloads all here - As more shows are added the Christmas ones are moved down and then into the archive. At post time, all Christmas shows, playlists and download links are still on this one page.

Individual Show show titles and links (most current and working back):


Why Fidelity 108: Mr. Mistletoe

Why Fidelity 107 : My Christmas Tree

Why Fidelity 106:Bingle Bells

Why Fidelity 105: Jing-a-Ling-a-Ling

Why Fidelity 104: North Pole Penguin

Why Fidelity 103: Too Fat for the Chimney

Why Fidelity 102 - A Kiss For Christmas

Why Fidelity 101 - It Must Be Christmas

Why Fidelity 100 - Sing We Now of Christmas

Why Fidelity 99 - Comin' Up Christmas Time

2006 - All Christmas shows on one page here -

Why Fidelity 60: We Wish You a Merry Christmas!
Why Fidelity 59: Pour Some More Eggnog on the Fruitcake
Why Fidelity 58: I Don't Intend to Spend Christmas Without You
Why Fidelity 57: Our Christmas Gift To You
Why Fidelity 56 : Christmas Is...
Why Fidelity 55: Snowmen and Reindeer and Elves, Oh My!
Why Fidelity 54 : A Carol For Another Christmas
Why Fidelity Podcast 53 : A Very Merry Why Fidelity

2005 - All Chrsitmas (plus others) shows one one page here -

Why Fidelity Limited Edition Bonus Christmas Show
Why Fidelity #23 - Christmas Special Part 4
Why Fidelity Christmas Special Part 3
Why Fidelity Christmas Special Part 2
Why Fidelity #20 - Christmas Special Part 1

Why Fidelity should keep you busy this week! Each episode is around thirty minutes.

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