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Old 11-08-2013, 03:44 PM
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Virginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the treeVirginia you could wrap up and put under the tree
Originally Posted by MichelleluvsChristmas View Post
How do I even compete with that?!?!?!?!?!?
ditto! ...and a video camera
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Old 11-09-2013, 12:26 AM
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frostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoefrostythesnowman would be nice to meet under the mistletoe
my girls to visit santa...
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Old 11-09-2013, 10:49 AM
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Visiting Santa

I'm going to visit Santa with a suitcase, A huge box of homemade Italian cookies and a long Christmas list.
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Old 11-09-2013, 11:01 AM
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I'm going to the North Pole and I'm bringing...

my suit case, homemade sugar cookies, digital camera, a box of Christmas comics for Santa to autograph, a scarf, Meceka's nephew, sugarplum fairy's son, sunglasses, a U-Haul to carry it all, Snuggie blankets, camcorder, mittens, flowers for Mrs Claus, Meceka's boyfriend, a salt lick for the reindeer, Fred Claus, elevator shoes for the elves, boots, a compass so I don't accidentally go to magnetic North Pole, coffee so I can stay awake and not miss a thing, Christmas Addict's children, my Christmas Wish List, Meceka's sister who doesn't believe in Santa Claus, a shiny new button for Frosty's nose, a team of huskies, carrots for the reindeer, a warm coat, snow shoes so I don't sink while walking in the snow, a festive Bundt cake to share with the elves, handmade quilts for the Clauses, one of Christmasstar's cute cakes, sunglasses so I don't go snow blind on those sunny days, my passport, more reindeer for when the other reindeer get tired or hurt, warm clothes, jingle bell polish, an autographed picture of Tim Allen (as Scott Calvin) for Mrs. Claus, hot tea in many flavours for all to enjoy, Jell-O (there's always room for Jell-O), a gingerbread cookie, the movie It's a Wonderful Life so we can all watch it together, a GPS navigator for Santa's sleigh, a handmade ornament for Santa's tree, a Hickory Farms beef stick assortment Gift Pack, a knife to cut the beefstick, cheese and crackers for the beefstick, some after dinner mints, a mp3 player full of Christmas music, some wine for the adults & sparkling cider for the young ones, a case of dental floss for Hermie's office, a new light bulb for Rudolf's nose, some logs for the toasty fire, a scratchy, beat up 78 rpm record of "Missus Santa Claus/My Stocking Is Empty" record number 11626 released in 1953 on the MGM label by Leslie Crayne (Uggams) at age 10(?) with Orchestra conducted by Fred Norman and a vintage 1964 Magnavox Table Top Stereo Console “Colaro Conquest” 4 Speed Record Changer (16, 33, 45, 78 RPM) that plays all record types with ease, and allows one to stack records for uninterrupted play with built in AM/FM radio (of course!) on which to play it, my Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas record, copies of my Michael Bublé Let It Snow CD for my new friend, a roll of duct tape (you can never have enough duct tape), a cold weather survival kit in case we get lost on the way, cross country skis, some bags of oats for the reindeers to go with the above mentioned carrots, TwinkleLights25's hubby, a hanky and a change of underwear, a toothbrush and toothpaste, a George Foreman grill for making grilled cheese sandwiches for the Christmas mouse, a can of pepper spray to protect myself from the (mean, non-Coke drinking) polar bears along the way and a six pack of Coke for the OTHER polar bears, a giant box of chocolates for the elves, christmasstar's stocking so she can peek in it early, some icing to decorate the sugar and gingerbread cookies with, a few extra aprons so Mrs. C doesn't run out with all the help we will be giving, a laptop so I can post updates on MMC, a bag of "shift" keys, a Santa statue for the real Santa to autograph, a can of Folgers coffee and some holiday coffee mugs, a portable DVD player to watch Christmas movies along the way, a bottle of Woolite to wash all the stockings with, swine flu vaccine, one of the Ice Road Truckers to help haul all this stuff over the Arctic Ocean, a pack of hand warmers, some Jiffy Pop popcorn for eating and stringing on the tree, 12 new crochet hooks, handmade of wood, for the elves to crochet stockings, a Crocheting For Dummies book (just in case), a spool of yarn, some wassail mix to share, enough gas to get back home, a case of Hershey chocolate bars, a couple of Dr. Phil Shakes for AFTER we eat those Hershey Bars, some dried cranberries to put on the garland with the popcorn, lots of pocket change for tolls, a box of Harry London chocolates for Santa, bags of sidewalk salt, snow goggles, a bottle of insulin for Santa after he gets done eating all of those cookies on Christmas Eve, a fistful of Cool Yule Christmas Comics for everyone to sign, a nice new extended cab freightliner for the ice road trucker to drive, comfortable shoes and extra shoelaces in case one breaks in the cold, a soft blanket to snuggle up in,a bottle of nasal spray for Rudolph, some cold medicine, kneepads so I can get down to their level when talking to the elves, some Icy Hot, a lint brush for Santa's red velvet coat, a new box of 64 Crayola crayons, just for the elf children, an autographed Peyton Manning jersey for Santa, moist towelettes (you can never have too many moist towelettes), a homemade ornament, a Big Hug to give to Santa, an H1N1 flu shot (because of all the hugging and kissing), some new toy ideas for the elves, a tube of Chapstick (it's blistery at the NP! lol), a GPS tracking device for on Santa's sleigh so we can get the exact location of where he is on Christmas Eve, a citation from Rodmonster at DHS to allow Santa to fly over restricted air space in the USA, a fireproof suit for Santa, a shovel and coal scuttle (to help load lumps of coal for the naughty kids on the sleigh), a satellite phone so I can call all of my friends and brag about where I am, a tackle box, a saw and two rods so Santa and I can do some ice fishing, and a propane heater to keep us warm, a little warm puppy dressed in a Santa outfit, some puppy treats, a set of left-handed tools for that one elf who's NOT right-handed, apples for all the elves, peanut brittle in a festive Currier & Ives tin, some caramel for the elves to dip their apples in, a puppy food & water dish with some puppy food for that cute puppy (it may get hungry along the way, hey for that matter we all may get hungry too & the IRT may as well, so I'll bring some PB&J heros), and a propane stove, a 5-tier Christmas decorated cake for all to enjoy, some extra bottles of propane, plates & forks & a knife to cut into the yummy 5-tier Christmas Cake, some extra Scotch tape, and travel brochures for that needed January vacation, a bag of money (in all currencies) so we aren't poor on the vacation, a calculator to figure out the exchange rates, Pez (in a Santa Head dispenser), a reindeer Pez dispenser in case the Santa one breaks in the cold and a packet of extra Pez (because you can never have enough PEZ!!!!) for George & Made582, a bag of letters to Santa that I picked up at my local post office, red & green M&M's plain & peanut to share with all my new friends, all of my Christmas cards so they can be postmarked from the North Pole, a selection of Rankin/Bass Christmas Specials for all to enjoy, a pumpkin pie, LOTS of Cool Whip, some apple cider, a set of Flintstone jelly jar glasses to drink the cider out of (and make the elves chuckle... elves LOVE The Flintstones), a weather radio so we can know when the snow is coming, my broken Etch-A-Sketch for Santa to fix, my sleeping bag for when I get tired, Madonna to sing "Santa Baby" in person, Mike Rowe to do all the dirty jobs at the north pole, a Mr. T bobblehead doll so we can all pity the fool who doesn't like Christmas, some Hershey Kisses in the Christmas colors (oh, did George & Made582 run out of PEZ? Maybe, I should bring some more extra packets), a box of Slim Jims, a tanning bed, a generator to run the tanning bed, a cat in need of adoption, some Claritin-D for that one elf who's allergic to cats, lots of cat litter, some cat food and kitty treats too, the book version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, a Mister Sno-Cone machine for Frosty, some good rum (for fruitcakes and eggnog), some longjohns for those cold, North Pole nights, Made582's woodworking tools (which appear to have been lost on the arduous journey), a box of Bisquick so Mrs. Claus can have extra flaky pie crusts, a really long string to unwind as we go so we can find our way home, some Caribou Coffee for any passing caribou we might meet, a canoe in case we find any spots where the ice is melted, a paddle for the canoe (wouldn't want to up the creek without one), a pocket translator in case Santa or his elves don't speak English, a compact fluorescent for Rudolph's nose, Terri's daughter to PROVE there IS a Santa Claus, a bunch of leftover Halloween candy for the elves, Hollyjell's husband (who has a big crush on Mrs. S), a chart of where everything is stored inside the truck, Katet's camera because no one is going to believe how much stuff we have packed in here, a passport, a second truck for even MORE stuff! (Looks like we got us a convoy!), two CBs so the trucks can keep in contact, outside lights wired to the battery so the trucks look like those ones in the Budweiser and Coke commercials, so Santa can see us coming a mile away, plenty of spare bulbs for the lights in case they go out when we hit bumps along the way, one sprig of mistletoe... PARTY!, some chocolate truffles, some yarn for knitting and that little kitten to play with, some eggs to make eggnog with, some nog to finish the eggnog, sippie cups for everyone, some cocktail napkins to hold under the sippie cups, a really good fruitcake, a bubble pipe (for no other reason than blowing bubbles is fun), a potted palm tree, a really big bottle of bubble solution, a box of Vigoro ultra grow plant food (to keep the potted palm alive in wintry climes), a fog machine so Rudolph can show off his nose, a copy of Dickens' A Christmas Carol to read aloud to the elf children, Dramamine for those flying sleigh rides, some air sickness bags in case the Dramamine isn't enough, a Frisbee to play catch with Dasher, some extra hay for the reindeer, JanaBanana's baby Autumn Faith, some Christmas books to read along the way, a clip on book light to read those books (the nights are six months long up that way), black boot polish, some french vanilla hot chocolate, one of those smiley face emoticons to express my unbridled joy, my tool box in case one of the trucks break down along the way, a bag of Starbucks Christmas blend coffee, some festive Bing Crosby holiday tunes on the iPod, a talking alarm clock for those long winter nights, Paula Deen to cook for everybody on the way and a catcher's mask to protect Paula from carelessly hurled hams, a guitar to play Christmas songs on, leg warmers for Dancer and Prancer, a copy of Flashdance, so they can see those leg warmers in action, lots of socks, a surge protector for Blitzen, the Deen brothers, a light tester, a bottle of Tide stain remover to help get the soot out of the Santa suit, some sort of high tech iPhone app thingie to tweet and twitter on about everything, a pair of socks with a battery powered heater built in to them, a pair of bowling shoes so I can bowl a few frames at Santa Claus Lanes, a bowling ball with Frosty's face on it, a Kit Kat, a Klondike Bar, some red and white paint to refresh the stripes on that North Pole, some brass polish to shine up the knob on top of that ol' North Pole, a new beard trimmer for Santa, electric socks because it's going to be chilly there, a Berlitz copy of How To Speak Eskimo, a first aid kit (just in case), back ICE (whatever that is), an extra TV remote because the elves are always losing the original, a Colts flag for Santa, a pair of Ugg boots, about 300 extra people to help us carry all this stuff, some penguins visiting from Antarctica, an invitation for Santa to be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars, some liquid duct tape to help fix any leaks we get on the way, give or take about 300 extra work gloves for all the people helping us (I think they are going to need them - tee hee), and hand made placemats, napkin rings and coasters made out of plastic canvas and yarn for their Christmas table when I go to visit Santa and his crew, and some brand new cutlery that is gold trimed for them to eat with, the Merry Christmas Radio/Kringle Radio/Merry Podcast remote broadcast and production mobile studio facility containing vintage & latest technology to keep the airwaves electrified with the magic of the season as captured in our NP surroundings for universal broadcast to those not making the trip, a Schwinn Riverside seven speed bicycle, complete transcripts of every Countdown Thread going back to as well as every Opera de Binger and a red and green swizzle stick with a snowman on top, and my daughter Kandice wearing her Santa dress and some little jingle bell earrings to match Kandice's dress (girl's gotta be stylin'), and a video camera, my girls to visit santa, a suitcase, A huge box of homemade Italian cookies and a long Christmas list, an old top hat...
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