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St. Louis Mardi Gras celebration

Discussion in 'Mardi Gras' started by Mr. Hankey, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Mr. Hankey

    Mr. Hankey Merry Forums Elf, 1st Class MMC Premiere Member

    A lot of folks don't know this but St. Louis also has a big Mardi Gras celebration every year. There are lots of events during the 3-4 weeks prior to the actual 'Fat Tuesday' day. The biggest and most popular is during the Saturday before there is a big parade with lots of floats and of course, they all toss beads out to the parade spectators. After the parade ends there is lots of partying and festivities in the streets until sundown.

    I have a cousin who lives in St. Louis near the neighborhood where it all takes place. I've gone down for the last four years and had a blast every time...and gotten "blasted" too if you know what I mean (LOL).

    Here's a pic of one of the floats at the 2013 parade that is appropriate for the My Merry Christmas forums that everyone might enjoy:

    Mardi Gras 2013 049a.JPG

    Here's more info:
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