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Christmas Decorating on My Merry

By Editor Jeff Westover
Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations can run the gamut from the garish to the sublime. And just as the shifting trends of fashion the trendy of Christmas decorating tends to evolve quickly. In this festive section of MMC we explore the history and the how-to's of modern Christmas decorating and celebration all that's hot once again from Christmas past.

Ten Tips for the First-time Christmas Light Hanger
A voice of experience speaks to the lessons a first-time light hanger will need to learn before getting on the ladder. A wry and funny read.

Decorating with Wreaths
The design elements of Christmas are full of sharp angles -- from pointy trees to square packages and long, linear strands of lights. To break it all up, give it depth and make it all pleasing to the eye is the wonderful, symbolic and round wreath. This article discusses the options, the do's and the don'ts and the flexibility of festive decorating with wreaths.

Using Outdoor Decorations In a Fantastical Christmas Theme
Santa and Christmas Eve is for the kids. And while adults will say the lights and decorations they put up are for the kids too we know just how big of a playground the front yard can be for some folks when they decorate for Christmas. This article discusses the flare you might need to get folks gawking at your Christmas display.

Decorating with Rope Lights
Rope light adds creativity to any holiday lighting display. In this article rope light is explained and it's practical uses are demonstrated as a means of taking your Christmas light displays to the next level.

Tips for Keeping Your Cut Tree Fresh
How do you keep your real tree fresh? How can you avoid drying out your tree? Can a tree really last all season? It can be done -- even in the toughest climates.

How to Properly Light Your Christmas Tree
Lighting the tree is a holiday tradition both loathed and loved. Here is a practical guide to lighting your tree with a plan for the maximum effect you desire. Many trees come in a box these days but nowhere, it seems, are there directions to show you how to light the tree. Here's the help you lack!

The Christmas Pickle
How do pickles and Christmas trees go together? We're serious. It's a tradition in parts of the world.

Once you find out what this word really means you may think twice about puckering up underneath it!

Tree Decorating
Decorating for Christmas is a real time-honored practice.

Christmas Candles
Way back when, candles served a practical purpose: to provide light and heat. Today, their practicality gives way to something far more symbolic.

The Holly and the Ivy
The prickly plant and meandering vine have a place in the heart of Christmas.

Why We Use Red and Green at Christmas
These two colors dominate holiday decorating and celebration. Why?

Wreaths: Eternity's Decoration
They're beautiful and sometimes elaborate. And they should be a part of your decorating plans.

The Christmas Tree
Perhaps the most recognizable of holiday symbols.

Christmas Fans -- Ranking the Best of Christmas

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