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Christmas Foods on My Merry

By Associate Editor Mary Hansel
Christmas Foods on My Merry Christmas

Before the tree, before Santa, before the lights, and before even most of the music of Christmas the holidays were celebrated with food. Nothing says "festive" during a season of cheer like good food. Here we explore the many traditional foods of Christmas -- from their history to how its done. This ever growing section of My Merry Christmas is brought to us by....

Chestnuts! -- Sure, roasting them on an open fire is a time-honored Christmas tradition. But there's more to these little gems.

All About Stuffing -- For some the most anticipated part of preparing a turkey dinner is the stuffing. In this article we explore the ancient tradition of stuffing in many cultures and discuss what is the difference between stuffing and dressing.

Hot Cocoa or Hot Chocolate: A Matter of Taste -- Once an ancient luxury for reserved for royalty, chocolate has become a beloved tradition of Christmas. These days the matter of chocolate has become so refined there are arguments of how exactly to prepare, heat and drink the stuff.

The Bog Ruby (Cranberry) -- Used traditionally with turkey and expanded now in the modern celebration of Christmas in muffins, cookies, teas and even as a flavor favored in candles the cranberry has become a holiday staple.

The Tradition of Gingerbread -- From cookies to carefully crafted houses, Gingerbread has built a solid Christmas tradition in the hearts of many.

Eggnog: A Colonial Christmas Tradition -- It is a curious blend of ingredients that almost nobody would think of drinking. But it is one of the oldest holiday traditions in America and the stories run deep of just how far folks would go to use it in their Christmas celebrations.

The Christmas Pickle -- Is it a food or just a decoration?

The History of the Candy Cane -- Giving candy to kids in Church just to hush them up is not a new idea. In fact, it may just be what started the whole candy cane tradition of Christmas.

The Art of Wassail -- Going door-to-door for tricks-or-treats -- Christmas style.

The Christmas Feast -- It's not a party without the food.

Christmas Fans -- Ranking the Best of Christmas

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