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Christmas History at My Merry

By MMC Editor in Chief, Jeff Westover
Christmas History

Christmas has a rich history. Our very methods of celebration today have ancient roots. Many times we do not even know why we do the things we do at Christmas. Christmas was celebrated before the birth of Christ. It is celebrated in countries around the world. Diverse cultures make it a holy day. And the generals of war have fought over Christmas. In these pages we explore the true history of Christmas past to discover what makes Christmas what it is today.

The Real History of the War on Christmas
The War on Christmas rages in the headlines every year. Some folks don't believe there is a War on Christmas. And that's the thing: this battle of Christmas has waged for ages - long before, even, the birth of Christ.

The Christmas Tree Ship
The true 100-year-old story of the Christmas Tree Ship sinking and the last voyage of Captain Santa, Herman Schuenemann, of Chicago.

The First Christmas in the Americas
Christopher Columbus is credited with a lot of things in America. And much of that has been debunked. However, there is no disputing the first Christmas spent in America -- under his command. This is his story.

Norman Rockwell: American Christmas Legend
The story of the American Christmas of the 20th century was masterfully told without words by iconic American artist Normal Rockwell. This article explores the Christmas works of the American Christmas legend.

Christmas During the Civil War
It was the war that fundamentally changed America -- and Christmas -- as we knew it.

Washington's Christmas at War
The Christmases of 1776 and 1776 were contrasting experiences for General George Washington of the Continental Army. In this feature the stories of Christmas at war during the American Revolution are told.

The Year Santa was Nearly Banned
The year was 1918 and America was at war. "The Great War" mobilized the public in ways unseen before in America. That's why nearly no one blinked an eye when the government tried to shut Santa down.

Christmas During the American Revolutionary War
Some of the most critical events of the American Revolution transpired on Christmas Day. While society in North America at that time did not widely observed Christmas the seed for the celebrations of future generations were sown during this stressful time period.

Christmas in Colonial America
Christmas was central to the founding of America. Some came seeking a free land to celebrate Christmas. Others came to avoid it. This article explores early Christmas celebration in America.

Christmas at the White House
The People's House has a grand history of Christmas celebration -- and Christmas disaster.

Charles Dickens: A Merry Old Soul
A master storyteller whose life was a roller-coaster of pain and merriment. This fascinating look at the author of A Christmas Carol explains the depths of his storytelling magic.

The REAL First Christmas
Most assume that the first Christmas happened in Bethlehem. But the scriptures profoundly record the celebration of the Savior long before His mortal birth. This perspective-changing look at Christmas gives new meaning the to details of the Nativity as told in the New Testament. And it provides modern-day inspiration for the celebration of Christmas today.

Others: The Story of The Salvation Army
The budgetary constraints made sending the message difficult. But with just one word he was able to send a message that was inexpensive -- and profound. This is the story of the beginnings of The Salvation Army.

Puritan Humbugs: How the Pilgrims Nearly Killed Christmas
They introduced Thanksgiving to American Society. And nearly ushered Christmas away forever.

Handel's Messiah
The story of an inspired masterpiece celebrated and performed centuries after its creation.

Christmas in the 1930s
A dismal decade in America provided a generation with a lifetime of memories.

Clement C. Moore: Father, Patriot, Poet
He never intended for it to be known beyond his children. But when a copy of "A Visit from St. Nicholas" was slipped to a newspaper, Clement C. Moore walked into the pages of history as an icon of Christmas.

History of Christmas Lights
Not long after Edison made light in a bulb they were stringing them on Christmas trees. A fascinating must-read for the Clark Griswolds of the world.

The Christmas Truce
They put down their arms and cautiously peeked over No Man's Land when the sounds of Christmas carols escaped both sides of the line. The common bond of Christmas brought peace briefly to the bloodiest war in history.

Yes, Virginia -- There Really Was a Virginia
The true story of Virginia O'Hanlon. She wanted to know if Santa Claus was real. Upon receiving advice from her father she penned the most famous letter-to-the-editor of all time. The editor's response is considered as classic as her question.

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