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Christmas News on My Merry

By MMC Editor in Chief, Jeff Westover
Christmas News

Christmas makes the news all the time -- even when it is not Christmas time. Here we track the most relevant news of the modern celebration of Christmas around the world.

Remember when Black Friday was on a Friday?
Nobody is opening on Friday any more for Black Friday. It's all Thanksgiving night now.

Annual Survey of Christmas 2013
How are we feeling about Christmas in 2013? Months of polling and thousands of answers tabulated are compiled in to one very interesting report.

Top Five Christmas Hoaxes
Don't be scammed. Here's a list of Internet hoaxes with a Christmas theme that folks fall for every year.

Top Videos of Christmas 2012
It was an epic year for Christmas videos. These are the ones you didn't want to miss.

Christmas Stress: A Man's Perspective
She might sweat all the details but he's got Christmas issues, too. Here is why a man's own lunacy is contributes to Christmas stress for men.

Christmas and Tragedy: Why God Doesn't Stop It
Why? That is the most penetrating question upon all minds after the shooting tragedy in Connecticut. Here the connections between such tragedies and the lessons of Christmas are explored.

Christmas Myths: The Media Attacks the Pope
Pope Benedict releases a new book on the birth of Jesus and the media labels it as an attack on Christmas as the book points out several myths of the holiday. But is the Pope sharing something really new? Or does he have a bigger point?

Top Ten Christmas Television Specials of all Time
We've made a list and checked it twice.

New Rules for Gift Cards
Love them or hate them, gift cards are a part of Christmas now. But the rules have changed -- to the benefit of both the giver and the receiver.

Christmas Light Fights Dampen Christmas Spirit from Coast to Coast
The most active chapter in the storied annual War on Christmas seems to with the thousands of Christmas lights some folks display on their home each year. In cities across America meetings are being held to discuss what is to be done about neighborhoods overrun with traffic and chaos as thousands come to see over-the-top home displays.

Holiday Twist: Themed Christmas Gift Giving
A childhood memory spurs a later-in-life new family tradition that brought smiles, laughter and tears to Christmas gift-giving.

Christmas Headlines from the Merry Network
Christmas Headlines Year Round
Fighting the War on Christmas
Christmas music from the #1 Rated Christmas Radio Station Online!

Real Christmas: A Christmas Blog
» Community News
Event 2014 Christmas Ornament Exchange
Jul 23, 2014 - 8:48 PM - by Jeff Westover
We are pleased to announce the opening of the 2014 Christmas Ornament Exchange -- our 9th Year of this merry event!

Pay close attention -- we're taking this in a fun new direction this year.

Since we've been around so long and many of us know each other well, we have decided to add an "Open Exchange" this year.

What is that? It is where YOU pair yourself up with your own partner -- no waiting on us for formal instructions or process. If you want to exchange with someone, just reply in this thread that you're looking for a partner and find another kindred soul looking for the same. The open exchange has no oversight, no start or end date and the only rules are what you and your partner decide.

For those looking for a spicier adventure in ornament swapping we introduce the Premium Ornament Exchange.

Our old format for the exchange presented some challenges in safeguarding full participation. Well-intentioned participants would sign up, pair up and exchange information but as the holiday season grew close and things got busy some would neglect their exchange partners. Some would receive ornaments in exchange after Christmas, some would never receive anything at all.

So, we've come up with the Premium Exchange. Here is how it works:

Go to the Exchange Page and hit the "buy now" graphic. You will spend $20 to participate -- but don't worry! You'll get your money back. Once payment is received we will collect some information from you. Then our crack staff will go to work finding just the right partner for you. YOU WON'T KNOW WHO IT WILL BE. You'll only receive an address to ship to and some brief comments about the preferences in an ornament by the receiver.

You will be given instructions on when to ship your ornament. Once we receive confirmation from your exchange partner that you have delivered the ornament, we will refund your $20.

If something happens -- deadlines are missed, your partner forgets or gets too busy -- we'll be watching the whole process. If your partner won't deliver MMC will deliver on behalf of your partner.

We're thinking this will be the best way to ensure that everyone gets an ornament on time this year. It's your choice -- the open exchange or the premium exchange. Either way -- happy ornament shopping one and all!

Questions? Comments? Feel free to post here!
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Team YANTSU-Tracking Santa LIVE
Jul 25, 2014 - 1:23 PM - by TeamYANTSU
Hey fellow Christmas Lovers-
My name is Nick Tay and I am the head of Team YANTSU (YouTube Associatoin of NORAD Tracks Santa Users) and we have recently begun our partnership with MyMerryChristmas. We track santa live every December 24th with a live broadcast. If you have interest in tracking Santa or just love Christmas, I recommend you visit and check out our latest newsletter on the "Team YANTSU Newsletters" page.
Nick Tay
Head of YANTSU
3 Replies | 40 Views
Defend Christmas Sydney Struggles Keeping Christmas Christian
Jul 24, 2014 - 10:20 AM - by ElfBot
The tug of war between the sacred and secular of Christmas knows no boundaries. The City of Sydney, Australia is debating the theme of that city’s holiday celebration in decorations. At issue is whether this year’s proposed theme of Christmas trees is really just a politically correct dodge of that city’s traditionally Christian Christmas and […]

More from Defend Christmas...
0 Replies | 74 Views
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Grumpy Cat Does Christmas
by ElfBot
07-23-2014 10:50 AM
07-23-2014 10:50 AM
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