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Christmas Today at My Merry

Contemporary Christmas

The modern Christmas is full of complex issues that affect many parts of our lives.

Top Ten Christmas Videos of 2013
You'll laugh and you'll cry. Yule love it.

Remember when Black Friday was on a Friday?
Nobody is opening on Friday any more for Black Friday. It's all Thanksgiving night now.

Annual Survey of Christmas 2013
How are we feeling about Christmas in 2013? Months of polling and thousands of answers tabulated are compiled in to one very interesting report.

Top Five Christmas Hoaxes
Don't be scammed. Here's a list of Internet hoaxes with a Christmas theme that folks fall for every year.

Top Videos of Christmas 2012
It was an epic year for Christmas videos. These are the ones you didn't want to miss.

Christmas Stress: A Man's Perspective
She might sweat all the details but he's got Christmas issues, too. Here is why a man's own lunacy is contributes to Christmas stress for men.

Christmas and Tragedy: Why God Doesn't Stop It
Why? That is the most penetrating question upon all minds after the shooting tragedy in Connecticut. Here the connections between such tragedies and the lessons of Christmas are explored.

Christmas Myths: The Media Attacks the Pope
Pope Benedict releases a new book on the birth of Jesus and the media labels it as an attack on Christmas as the book points out several myths of the holiday. But is the Pope sharing something really new? Or does he have a bigger point?

Black Friday 2012: The Year It Changed
The early news of Black Friday are coming in and it clearly shows that what Black Friday once was it is no more.

Guide to Black Friday 2012
Black Friday is no longer a day. It is a season-within-a-season. And there is a lot to know.

Holiday Twist: Themed Christmas Gift Giving
A childhood memory spurs a later-in-life new family tradition that brought smiles, laughter and tears to Christmas gift-giving.

Christmas in America 2012: A Cautionary Celebration
Typical election year concerns point to a more subdued Christmas 2012 in the United States.

Postal Service Reveals 2012 Christmas Postage Stamps
The Holy Family fleeing Egypt is featuring on new stamps being released by the Postal Service in 2012.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Announces Guest Artists for Annual Christmas Concerts
Tony-winning English Tenor Alfie Boe and former NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw will perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in Salt Lake City, Utah at their annual Christmas concert in 2012.

Smoking Santa -- Why is this controversial?
A publisher discreetly edits out a reference to Santa smoking in a new edition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" -- and finds herself having to defend the action. Why?

Charlie Brown Heads to the Big Screen -- Will it be Christmas Again?
Charles Schulz is gone but his family is working to keep Charlie Brown around for a long time by working on a new feature film scheduled to hit the big screen in 2015.

What to Get the 1% Person on Your Gift List
Neiman Marcus publishes it's annual catalogue of the absurd, signalling the start of the holiday shopping season.

Michael Buble Returns for Christmas 2012
The crooner isn't done pushing his smash Christmas CD from 2011. There's more.

A Black Friday Prediction on the Day After Black Friday
As the Great Recession lingers more and more people are finally understanding what Dr. Seuess taught: Christmas doesn't come from a store.

Shoppers: They're Tracking You
Both online and offline new technology is employed to watch what you're buying, where you're buying and how you're buying. This article discusses tips for maintaining what privacy you can.

Sorting Out the Truth of the Obama Christmas Tree Tax
An early November 2011 report of the creation of a Christmas Tree Tax has created a lot of news -- and, unfortunately, a lot of misinformation.

The Changing Face of Black Friday
With midnight openings by Target and Macy's, coupled with Thanksgiving sales at ToysRUs, Old Navy and others the tradition of door-busting Black Friday events is getting crowded out.

Christmas in America 2011: Merrier...but Spending Less
Our annual survey of the attitudes of Christmas reveal that a recession-weary America is ready to enjoy a merrier Christmas in 2011...but will do so on a budget. Lots of surprising changes in the trends of Christmas.

The Early Word on Black Friday 2011
Tough economic conditions will make the Black Friday specials a quick season this year. The advice? Buy early.

Top Ten Christmas Television Specials of all Time
We've made a list and checked it twice.

New Rules for Gift Cards
Love them or hate them, gift cards are a part of Christmas now. But the rules have changed -- to the benefit of both the giver and the receiver.

Christmas Light Fights Dampen Christmas Spirit from Coast to Coast
The most active chapter in the storied annual War on Christmas seems to with the thousands of Christmas lights some folks display on their home each year. In cities across America meetings are being held to discuss what is to be done about neighborhoods overrun with traffic and chaos as thousands come to see over-the-top home displays.

Predictions for Black Friday
The recessionary economy of the past several years has completely transformed Black Friday. Here are our predictions for 2010 and our tips for making the most of it.

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