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The Frugal Christmas My Merry

By MMC Associate Editor, B. Francis Morlan
The Frugal Christmas

The Frugal Christmas isn't just reserved for hard times. Many folks practice the Frugal Christmas as a means of just having a more meaningful Christmas. And given the cost of everything -- from food to presents to entertain to decorations to whatever -- Christmas can be very expensive. This section of My Merry Christmas is devoted to finding ways to save money while making merry.

    Holiday Twist: Themed Christmas Gift Giving
A childhood memory spurs a later-in-life new family tradition that brought smiles, laughter and tears to Christmas gift-giving.

    Shoppers: They're Tracking You
Both online and offline new technology is employed to watch what you're buying, where you're buying and how you're buying. This article discusses tips for maintaining what privacy you can.

    Five Reasons to Avoid Black Friday
Black Friday is sure a lot of fun. But you don't actually spend money on that day -- do you? Here are five reasons why you don't want to buy into the hype of Black Friday.

    The Early Word on Black Friday 2011
Tough economic conditions will make the Black Friday specials a quick season this year. The advice? Buy early.

    Ideas for Frugal Gift Giving
How can you give a meaningful gift without money to spend? This article tackles the meaningful Christmas and how to give of yourself without giving of your wallet (especially when you don't have the money to spend).

    The Delicate Art of Re-Gifting
It's Christmas morning and you open a gift from Aunt Sally that kind of takes you by surprise. In fact, you don't quite know what to make of it. Only when you look at it closer do you see a random tag come fluttering out that says "To: Sally" does it hit you: Aunt Sally didn't pick this item out for you -- someone else picked it out for Aunt Sally! What do you feel? And what do you do if you're considering the practice of re-gifting?

    Saving More By Christmas Shopping Online
If you're ready to skip the malls, the parking problems, the rude clerks and the out-of-stock hassles of Christmas shopping by taking your purchases online this guide gives you the basics of Christmas shopping safely and efficiently.

    Mostly Homemade (and Frugal!) Gifts Practically Anyone Can Make -- The Non-Food Edition
Nothing is more personal in gifting than something homemade. This article discusses easy options for handmade creations even the untalented crafter can make that achieves a personal level of gift giving while keeping costs down. <

    Mostly Homemade (and Frugal) Gifts Practically Anyone Can Make -- The Food Edition
Christmas and food go together like peas and carrots! And gifts made from food make for especially delightful surprises. Explore these simple and easy-to-make food ideas designed to make gifting festive and affordable.

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