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The Merry Podcast of My Merry

By My Merry Christmas Editor Jeff Westover
Christmas Podcast It's My Merry Christmas for your ears! The Merry Podcast is our audio edition of the best of MMC featuring one-of-a-kind programs exploring everything about Christmas with the help of the team from Merry Christmas Radio, our online radio station broadcasting Christmas year-round. These podcasts are available for download here, on our Facebook page, at iTunes, or on the Zune Marketplace. Frequently we will include the voices of the Christmas community online with contributions from users of the Merry Forums,,, and others. Here is our permanent archive:

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Merry Podcast Episode #39 -- Anticipating Santa
Published July 24th, 2014
Christmas in July is celebrated with an entire episode dedicated to Santa...well, sorta. The debate of who authored "A Visit from St. Nicholas" is explored and Perry Como performs the poem for us, as well. We learn the story of Jimmy Van Alen, a Newport socicialite with a soft spot for Santa, Christmas and Clement Moore. By popular request this episode also features a recap of last Christmas Eve's tracking of Santa from the North Pole -- all the voices, all the interviews and all the highlights of a great Christmas Eve. We also learn about the Christmas legend of Gene Autry. Music in this episode comes from Gene Autry, The Jackson Five, Alabama, and Bob Rivers. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #38 -- Anniversaries
Published June 25th, 2014
There are a lot of anniversaries being celebrated this Christmas season -- from White Christmas to Polar Express to Christmas Vacation to some dude named Louis Prang it seems to be a milestone year in the history of Christmas. Come listen to Merry Carey give us more about Scrooge on film and learn what's special about Mannehim Steamroller and Pentatonix, too. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #37 -- Snow!
Published April 25th, 2014
Snow! Snow! Snow! Aren't you sick of it? We hope not. This episode explores the white stuff of Christmas and is heavy on music featuring snow from the likes of Amy Grant, Gene Autry, Bing Crosby and others. We also examine the flops of Christmas movies that went on to Christmas immortality as classics. And the history of secular Christmas celebration is discussed, too. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #36 -- Christmas Trends 2014
Published March 25th, 2014
What's hot for the upcoming Christmas season? This episode not only explores the trends of Christmas 2014 but we delve as well into the History of Christmas in Britain, review the musical version of A Christmas Carol, and enjoy the History of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Nearly an hour of Christmas fun and music including offerings from Melissa Etheridge, Celtic Woman and the Manhattan Transfer. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #35 -- Influences of Christmas
Published February 24th, 2014
You know the influence of the Bible on the history of Christmas but do you know the fascinating history of where your Bible comes from? We tackle that in this episode of the Merry Podcast where the influences of Christmas are recounted in how it is celebrated year round. We also explore the season that was in 2013 and take a fun tangent with a look at the history of animals in Christmas. This episode also features new music from Johnny Mathis. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #34 -- Christmas Ghosts, Angels and Gods
Published December 18th, 2013
An exploration of the Christmas supernatural as we talk the ghosts, angels and gods of Christmas with an odd connection between Charles Dickens and Frank Capra, both who used themes of ghosts and angels in their Christmas creations. We also tell the ghost story of the Christmas Tree Ship and we look at the angels of the Christmas story. Also in this episode is an expanded look at the connections between the gods of the Winter Solstice and Christianity. Lots of music, too. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #33 -- More New Artists & Songs of Christmas 2013
Published December 2nd, 2013
Due to the popularity of our previous episode we're back with even MORE new music for Christmas 2013. Enjoy. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #32 -- New Artists & Songs of Christmas 2013
Published November 17th, 2013
This episode features the best of New Artists & Songs of Christmas 2013 from hundreds of submissions received. All music, all wonderful. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #31 -- Christmas Geeks & Technology
Published October 16th, 2013
Geeks old and new are heralded in a great romp through Christmas past and present in an exploration of how Christmas takes center stage with breaking technology. The History of Video Games is explored as well as Christmas in space. Plus we share the story of a man whose name is not known much to Christmas fans but should be for his work in bringing snow to the forefront as an iconic element of Christmas. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #30 -- Christmas & Freedom
Published September 18th, 2013
Christmas and Freedom is the theme as we tell the story of the Christmas Candy Bomber and how Christmas trees became a symbol of freedom in America before it became a widespread Christmas tradition. We also explore "Christmas Under Fire", the famous British documentary that tells of Christmas in England during 1941. We also share some alternative Christmas music that will rock your stockings. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #29 -- Counting Down to Christmas
Published August 28th, 2013
Counting Down to Christmas is our theme in this fun episode exploring the traditions of Advent what the world has done in times past (and today) in anticipating Christmas. We take a look at the modern phenomenon of Christmas Creep and give a preview of this year's battles in the War on Christmas. Just for fun we take a look as well at Santa in Song. Lot's of fun music and a few surprises, including our Christmas-in-July interview with Joanna Wilson of Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #28 -- The Macho Christmas
Published June 22nd, 2013
This one is dedicated to guys -- titled "The Macho Christmas". It's jam packed full of men-only Christmas in the form of guns, trains, and an interview with WWE legend and Hall of Famer Mick Foley, who just happens to be a Christmas freak. Mick shares with us information about a new Christmas documentary titled I am Santa Claus which in part details his transformation from world-famous wrestler to becoming Santa Claus. Foley, who has dedicated years of charitable service to children, has stepped up his game in post-career activity as a real Santa Claus. It is a fun conversation and an interesting project to keep an eye on. This episode has a lot of music in it as well from Patty Loveless, Voice Male, Glen Campbell, the Aquatones, and Pat Donohue. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #27 -- Pioneer Christmas
Published May 28th, 2013
Pioneer Christmas is the theme of this episode as we explore the personal remembrances of settlers of the old West in 19th century America. Michael Rielly gives us a tour of the Santa Claus Hall of Fame and Merry Carey shares with us the first live television production of A Christmas Carol titled The Stingiest Man in Town. This episode features the music of Merle Haggard, Marvin Gaye, and nuggets of Christmas history from Columbus to Lewis & Clark and the civil war connection between Christmas and baseball. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #25 -- All You Need is Elves
Published February 25th, 2013
"All You Need is Elves" is all about the elves of Christmas plus a historical look at the influence of the Pope on Christmas and talks about the latest suggestion from the Freedom From Religion Foundation to replace Christmas with something they call Family Day, a supposed celebration of the Winter Solstice. This episode also features new music from Sarah McLaughlan, Tim Thompson and David Ian. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #25 -- We'll Leave the Light on For You, Mr. Dickens
Published January 25th, 2013
Titled "We'll Leave the Light on for you, Mr. Dickens" this first podcast of 2013 discusses the rightful place of Charles Dickens in Christmas history and takes a look at the ancient history and not-so-ancient history of Christmas lights. We explore the early color and decorating trends of 2013 and get a boost from the post-Christmas blues by Richard Marx. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #24 -- The Big Christmas Show 2012
Published December 18th, 2012
The Big Christmas Show of the Merry Podcast features the annual voice greetings from our members from around the world. This episode also features a look at Christmas Dragnet, The Flying Santa, highlights from the World's Largest Christmas Party 2012 and new music from a variety of sources. More than one hour in length. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #23 -- The Thanksgiving Show 2012
Published November 14th, 2012
Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrated as we explore the changing face of Black Friday and reveal the some strange traditions of Christmas from around the world. Christmas on Beacon Hill is share, a chapter in the history of Christmas lighting that folks don't generally know. Several new artist contributions appear in this episode, including those of Chuck Cape, from his new Christmas album titled "In the Spirit of Christmas II". We also get a listen to new music from Rod Stewart, Blake Shelton and Richard Marx. Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #22 -- A Child's Christmas
Published October 17th, 2012
Better than an hour of epic Christmas exploring the theme of "A Child's Christmas". We explore the childhood experiences of three legendary Christmas figures, events and experiences that shaped the adult Christmas legends they are. Radio Jon D of Merry Christmas Radio explores the musical side of a child's Christmas while Jay Isherwood pays tribute to the late Andy Williams. We also tell the true story of Jacob, an 8-year-old child whose Christmas last year was one of tragedy, trial and triumph.
Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #21 -- The Christmas You Don't Know
Published September 25th, 2012
"The Christmas You Don't Know" features unique offerings from RadioJonD, who tells us of the top five Christmas albums you've never heard of, and by Merry Carey of the MMC Screen Room, discussing Christmas movies haven't seen or heard about before. Maureen joins us as well to run down the "Huron Carol", the first Canadian Christmas carol. Jay Isherwood of Merry Christmas Radio shares new release music for 2012 and we tell you everything that ever happened on December 25th (except Christmas). In all, a full hour of Christmas.
Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #20 -- Christmas in the 1940s
Published September 3rd, 2012
A huge episode embracing the theme "Christmas in the 1940s" as we take a year-by-year look at the epic decade of World War II and its impact on Christmas. Mike Rielly of also brings us an interview with the maker of "They Wore the Red Suit", a documentary about Santa portrayers and the good work they do. Caninemom3 explores this history of the Christmas Ornament and we discuss our upcoming focus for the 2012 season, "Show Us Your Christmas".
Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #19 -- Modern Legends of Christmas
Published July 9th, 2012
The world loudly celebrates the Charles Dickens, Bing Crosbys and St. Nicholas' of the world as legendary figures of Christmas. But aren't there others? With the help of our membership we've identified several other Christmas heroes we term "modern legends of Christmas". In this hour long episode we explore the iconic figures of Bob Hope, Charles Schultz, Washington Irving and Jimmy Stewart as the first of our featured modern legends of Christmas. From the making of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" to the birth of modern Christmas in America, it is an episode filled with voices of the legends themselves.
Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #18 -- Old Timey Christmas
Published May 28th, 2012
It's an hour of old timey Christmas as this time on the Merry Podcast we step back through Christmas history in a comprehensive look at Christmas in the White House. From George Washington's contrasting Christmases to Harry Truman's 1950 Christmas address to the American public this episode examines how Christmas was celebrated in the most famous house in the world and how its traditions reflected the overall methods of Christmas celebrations around the USA. Merry Carey takes us back in time to listen to some of the first recordings of Christmas music ever made and explains to us how they were accomplished. We examine the art of collecting Christmas villages, the history of Christmas cards and we take a comprehensive look at vintage Christmas catalogue shopping, including the tradition of the outrageous and absurd from Neiman Marcus. In all, it is an hour packed with little-heard of Christmas history in a celebration of vintage Christmas.
Download here

Merry Podcast Episode #17 -- Christmas at Sea
Published April 30th, 2012
Christmas at Sea is the theme as episode #17 explores a nautical theme with the story of the Christmas song "I Saw Three Ships", an exploration of why St. Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors, Christmas in Hawaii, and the story of the Halifax explosion of 1917. We also have a feature from Merry Carey featuring Gloria Jean, Hollywood star of the 30s and 40s who shares with us her memories of Christmas amongst the stars. Also featured are Christmas decorating trends for 2012.
Download here

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