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Santa Speaks at My Merry

By Elf Ernest, North Pole Public Relations
Santa Speaks

Every year we publish Santa's Annual Interview with the media. Santa talks about people who oppose him, why he won't get a new suit, the proper way to send letters to Santa, how he has managed to stay with Mrs. Claus for all these years and the top speed he's ever acheived on the sleigh. Santa is also a wry observer of popular culture and isn't shy when it comes to opinions about Christmas, the blatant overuse of his likeness and the excesses of the season. Kids love him -- and adults are surprised that Santa is such a candid character about Christmas in today's world.

Santa Speaks 2013
Santa talks about the condition of the world and how it views Christmas and Santa. He also takes specific questions from kids about cookies, getting an iPod and what to give to parents for Christmas.

Santa Speaks 2012
The truth about flying reindeer and a plethora of Santa-specific facts are explored in this wide-ranging interview with a very talkative Santa in 2012. From the elves to Mrs. Claus, it seems all the questions this year are focused completely on the North Pole and how it works.

Santa Speaks 2011
Santa takes questions from kids all over the world and even fields a few from the members of the Merry Forums right here on My Merry Christmas. He discusses what part of his house Mrs. Claus allows him to decorate and explains why he flies his sleigh "dark". Santa also tackles some of the tough questions of the day about Christmas during difficult times and the true nature of giving.

Santa Speaks 2010
Santa talks retirement, the state of the world, why kids don't really care or remember what they get for Christmas, what he does with his whip on the sleigh, why the reindeer games won't be on ESPN, the Chicago Cubs, and why the war on Christmas isn't really a war at all.

Santa Speaks 2009
Santa talks at length about Mrs. Claus, his ongoing woes as a Chicago Cubs fan and the speed of his new sleigh which he says went so fast in test runs this summer that it set his beard on fire. Santa also speaks about the good in the world and how great Christmas can be in tough times.

Santa Speaks 2008
This year Santa addresses the state of the world, the elections, the importance of talking with parents and his concerns with the Chicago Cubs -- again. Oh -- and Santa tells a joke this year, too.

Santa Speaks 2007
Just as he does every year, Santa has been interviewed in advance of Christmas. And just as he has done in the past, Santa has met with an aspiring journalist, this year being 17-year-old Jeremy Hart of Fontana, California. Jeremy did something no other journalist with an exclusive interview has ever done -- he opened up the questions to the world. For more than a month the public was invited to submit their questions for Santa to Jeremy. The result is this candid conversation where we learn more about the modern Santa Claus than ever before.

Santa Speaks 2006
What's on Santa's iPod? How does Santa get down all those chimneys? Just what can Santa do about the Cubs? Santa gets interviewed by a kid this year and in this candid conversation he shares new information that we've never had before. From just who his helpers are to playing with Barbies, Santa is as frank and interesting as he ever has been.

Santa Speaks 2005
Santa meets with an aggressive anti-Christmas journalist and gets threatened with being charged with a crime. This candid discussion revolves around the thought that the word "Christmas" is offensive to some and why the natural disasters of 2005 have been a good lesson to the world about the Spirit of Christmas.

Santa Speaks 2004
Santa addresses the difference between himself and the legendary St. Nicholas, he talks about his real name and why he is just one small element of a fantasic season of hope. Santa reveals a secret addiction, he talks about being interviewed by Charles Dickens and once again laments over the woes of the Cubs. Santa also reveals what he does the other 364 days of the year and the fact that we world is filled with millions of elves helping people everyday.

Santa Speaks 2003
Santa answers tough questions about the naughty list, what Santa means to areas outside of the United States, why he won't tell us Mrs. Claus' first name, and what Santa brings to Santa for Christmas.

Santa Speaks 2002
Letter writers on are Santa's mind this year. He talks about how to write to Santa and what he does with all the Crayola drawings he receives. He also mourns the Cubs, deals with the Anti-Santa Society, and why putting up the tree is the best part of Christmas for him.

Santa Speaks 2001
Santa talks about September 11th, trouble with anthrax in his mail, his favorite sport, watching "Survivor", and the goodness of today's kids.

Santa Speaks 2000
Santa pokes fun at the media, talks of "honey-do's" from Mrs. Claus, why he will never retire, and why Santa never officially endorses any product, company or cause. Revealed are some of the deepest secrets of how Santa works including the fact that he doesn't give out coal any more opting instead to give Barbra Streidand CDs to the naughty.

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