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Chrsitmas Traditions at My Merry

By My Merry Christmas Editor Jeff Westover
Christmas Traditions on My Merry Christmas Christmas is full of wonderful and unique traditions. But where did they come from and why do we persist in perpetuating some of them? It is easy to see why we kiss under the mistletoe, for example. But who came up with egg nog and why? Just what is wassail? When did caroling begin? Here we explore the why behind the wonderful traditions of Christmas.

 Christmas Foods
Desserts, appetizers and entrees -- oh my! What would Christmas be without the many flavors of the season? From eggnog to gingerbread we explore the many delicious foods of Christmas in this merry tribute to the tasty part of the season.

The Connection Between Halloween and Christmas
Here's an ancient Christmas tradition that sounds suspiciously like Halloween.

The Wiseman brought the baby Jesus a number of gifts -- including frankincense. What is it and why is it a gift fit for a king?

The History of Gift Wrap
An ancient tradition becomes a modern holiday staple (pardon the pun).

The Christmas Pickle
How do pickles and Christmas trees go together? We're serious. It's a tradition in parts of the world.

Christmas Bells
The bell has a cherished Christmas tradition inspired from the Civil War era. A must read for the Christmas purist.

The History of the Candy Cane
Giving candy to kids in Church just to hush them up is not a new idea. In fact, it may just be what started the whole candy cane tradition of Christmas.

Christmas Stockings
Before there was Victoria's Secret and all of her stockings, Santa used to be the name associated with stockings.

Once you find out what this word really means you may think twice about puckering up underneath it!

The Legendary Role of Reindeer in the History of Christmas
Before Santa hitched the reindeer up to his sleigh folks anciently celebrated the season with...goats! A great read about how reindeer found their place in Christmas lore.

Tree Decorating
Decorating for Christmas is a real time-honored practice.

The Art of Wassail
Going door-to-door for tricks-or-treats -- Christmas style.

Christmas Candles
Way back when, candles served a practical purpose: to provide light and heat. Today, their practicality gives way to something far more symbolic.

Christmas Cards
What once began as a courtesy now powers a billion dollar industry.

December the 25th
Ironically, the original intent of designating December 25th as Christmas Day stemmed from a desire to curb riotious partying.

The Christmas Feast
What is a party without great food?

The Holly and the Ivy
The prickly plant and meandering vine have a place in the heart of Christmas.

What is Candlemas?
It is not as complex as it sounds.

Why We Use Red and Green at Christmas
These two colors dominate holiday decorating and celebration. Why?

Wreaths: Eternity's Decoration
They're beautiful and sometimes elaborate. And they should be a part of your decorating plans.

Boxing Day
No punches are thrown on this day. It is a civil Christmas tradition.

The Christmas Tree
Perhaps the most recognizable of holiday symbols.

Christmas Crackers
A British holiday tradition that is finding new fans worldwide.

Feast of Fools
How would you like to be King for a day?

The Nutcracker
It is an enchanting story set to magical music. But why is it a Christmas tradition?

Christmas Fans -- Ranking the Best of Christmas

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