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Know anyone who can play Christmas music like this? Watch the video!

Jimmy Stewart Remembers It's a Wonderful Life -- The movie "It's a Wonderful Life" was not a huge hit when it was released but it sure is beloved today. This article is a first person account written by Jimmy Stewart himself recollecting what it was like to make the movie and how it affected the rest of his life. It's a wonderful read.

Lincoln: Christmas Legend? -- Lincoln did not have a Christmas tree, did not send out Christmas cards and every Christmas day in the White House during Lincolnís administration was a work day. Yet Abraham Lincoln goes down in history as perhaps the most important presidential figure in the establishment of Christmas in America.

Christmas Stress -- She might sweat all the details but he's got Christmas issues, too. This is what Christmas is like for men: act, or be acted upon. The work a man does at Christmas may not be pretty but he'll do it no matter the peril.

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